Money Mindset in Dressing

Let's chat about your deep thoughts on money and how it can hold you back from dressing as the most successful version of yourself 5-years from now (my 5-Year Rule). 

I recently read You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincere. It's a game changer, guys. I don't care what you think your relationship with money is like, it can always improve, and mine certainly has. It got me thinking, I wonder how much money mindset is holding people back from styling themselves to put their best foot forward in their careers?

Especially in the field of sales, or really any position where you are customer-facing.

Money is one of the associations one can have when they think about being stylish. Having money, spending money, looking like you have money. And if you have any hesitation about what money can do for you, then you may subconsciously start sabotaging your own image.

"What if people think I think I'm better than them?"

"What if people think I'm stuck up?"

"What if people assume I'm a bad person because I’m successful?'

Folks, if you’re asking these questions quietly to yourself IT WILL effect your willingness to show up in the world looking and feeling fantastic. Check out my episode of Style Class podcast here to learn more about combatting this money/style mindset block that could be effecting your confidence.