5-Year Rule: Dressing for YOUR Brand of Success

Prepare to be shocked…I believe what you think about your image in the world is more important than what others think!

I know. Controversial!

I speak about this in my e-course, but I think it's such a powerful tool in explaining how style and dressing with intent can change your life that I really wanted to share it with my podcast listeners and readers here. It's kind of an idea tailored to women who own businesses, but really any person can take this idea and run with it!


First, you have to know how important your branding is and how important your own image is to your branding. First impressions, both in-person and online, are almost instantaneous. This means we don’t have the time to explain our background, experience, education, etc. The only tool we can use in that instant is our visual representation. Sure, what you are wearing helps, but confidence is number one. It doesn’t mean looking like every other successful gal out there, you don’t want their customers...you want yours!

That’s just a long winded way of encouraging you to shine your light! Because your customers are out their looking for it. So, how do you achieve this? You start by thinking about your top three career goals for the next 5-years. Now close your eyes and think about the person who achieved those goals. What does she or he look like when they enter a room? How do they hold themselves? What do they expect from the people around them? What are they broadcasting about what they deserve from the world?

Second. What are they wearing? Because that’s what you should be wearing NOW.

When you see that confident powerhouse in the mirror it propels you forward and assures your clients and customers you aren’t desperate for their business. They’d be lucky to work with someone who has it so together. You’ve obviously got what it takes to be successful in your industry and other’s must know it too.

Learn more about this dressing strategy in my podcast episode linked above!